Hairy Barkers are our local groomers to whom we took our gorgeous Barney at 5 months old to have his first grooming, he is now 17months, and has been going every Friday since, if he could talk I am sure he would want to go every day, he absolutley loves it, and barks and paws at the door if he has to wait for it to be opened. The staff are very proffessional with there work but have a happy and fun workplace, the dogs respect them and clearly know what is expected of them. For Barney starting so young, the socialisation and discipline is invaluable, and he being an extrovert, thinking that all dogs want to tumble and play non stop, quickly learnt to read their body language. He has a hydrobath and a blowdry and is beautifully brushed when he is picked up. His other grooming needs are always attended to, and I never have to ask for anything to be done.
Barneys Mum September 2013